Is Hanging Gardens of Bali Worth It?

Staying at the Hanging Gardens of Bali in Ubud is an unreal experience, to say the least and we wanted to help guide you to your own conclusion to “is Hanging Gardens of Bali worth it?”.

View of the sunset from hanging gardens on is the hanging gardens of bali worth it
Bali Sunsets

That experience comes at a price. By that, I mean a big price. The cost for a night’s stay is around $600. So is it worth it? Read on and see for yourself. 

We were recently talked into booking a night at Hanging Gardens of Bali by not one, but two sets of friends. I was so apprehensive when we were booking! It was about 500x more expensive than any of our other lodging during our two week Bali honeymoon. I kept asking our friends, “are you sure it’s worth it?” Now that we have been home from our honeymoon for over a month, I can reflect back and confidently say that yes, it was worth every penny spent.

While for some it might seem like a total waste of money (I understand that–I never thought I would be someone who would spend that much on a hotel room either!), we thought it was worth the splurge. I wanted to share our experience and tell you why we loved it, so at least this way you will have a good idea of what you are in for!

Here are a few reasons why we loved our stay at Hanging Gardens of Bali:

The Blonde at the infinity pool over the bali jungle on is the hanging gardens of bali worth it
The main pool at Hanging Gardens of Bali

1. Amazing jungle views:

Hanging Gardens of Bali is in Ubud, which is in the mountains of Bali and deep in the jungle. The hotel is about 15 minutes outside of the city itself, which is a good thing. The city is a little hectic, while Hanging Gardens is not neighboring anything besides a temple on the other side of the river. When I was looking online, I thought the views seemed nice, but so were the views from the Airbnb I booked us… but once we got there, I understood the difference. Hanging Gardens boasts unparalleled views of the Balinese jungle. It’s truly amazing! You can read a little more about our time in Ubud here.

Bintang beer on the edge of an infinity pool on is the hanging gardens of bali worth it
View from our private pool

2. Room with a pool:

While the hotel does offer a day pass to their epic infinity pool for non-guests, each room comes with its own private infinity pool. We were initially planning on going to the main pool, but after we saw the pool in our room, we never left. All of the room-side pools come with a cabana, a mini bar, and those epic jungle views. I did yoga on our patio in the morning followed by a swim over the jungle–it’s hard to beat that.

welcome drinks at hanging gardens of bali
turmeric welcome drink

3. Service to match:

When we first checked in, we were greeted with a turmeric drink and chocolate-covered strawberries. They warmly welcomed us, gave us a tour of the entire hotel, and showed us all the features of our room. But what really blew our minds was when we would pass hotel employees, they greeted us with, “Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Small.” As newlyweds, that was a welcomed gesture.

Breakfast from hanging gardens on the bear and the blonde is hanging gardens of bali worth it

4. Food:

To be totally honest, our first meal here was not so hot. We ordered room service while enjoying our infinity pool and we were a little disappointed by the food. “Oh well,” we both thought, at least the place was epic. So when we went to dinner later we were bracing ourselves to have another mediocre meal. To our surprise, it was five-star! Breakfast the next day did not disappoint either. Breakfast is included with your stay, and I had the corn fitters, which were so good! I guess maybe the room service menu is just not the best way to go.

view of Bali rice fields near hanging gardens of bali
Rice Fields off the grounds at Hanging Gardens of Bali
is the hanging gardens of bali with it
Main pool at the hanging gardens

5. Forget the real world:

If you are looking for somewhere to truly forget about your daily life, this is it. We never once left the hotel while we were staying here. Every minute of our stay was relaxing. The jungle sounds are like something from a pre-recorded meditation tape. Hanging Gardens of Bali will make you forget about everything and truly be present in the moment.

So to sum up, is Hanging Gardens of Bali worth it, heck yes. If you get the opportunity to stay here and can swing it financially, do it! The way I like to think about these things is simple: I might fret over the credit card bill next month, but 20 years from now I will never say, “man, I wish I never stayed at that amazing hotel in Bali.” It’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We highly recommend Hanging Gardens of Bali, Ubud!

If you are interested in hearing more about out time in Bali, read this article on our two week itinerary!Is Hanging Gardens Of Bali Worth It



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