Food Inc

In the slue of media out there is Food INC. Worth Watching?

A few years ago, I started working with a nutritionist and she suggested buying only organic food. I didn’t fully understand why… I had figured it was important to eat organic meat due to the hormones, but I really wasn’t sure why it was that big of a deal. I then started watching some documentaries on Netflix, and by some, I mean all that they had to offer: GMO OMG, Hungry For Change, Fed Up, and Food, Inc., just to name a few. Today I want to talk about one of my favorites, Food, Inc., but you can read a breakdown of the others here. 

Food, Inc. is an all-encompassing, eye-opening documentary about the food industry and its very dangerous practices. If you haven’t contemplated going organic and plant-based before, you definitely will after watching this. I will admit that some of it is very hard to watch, especially if you love animals but still enjoy a steak from time to time like I do, but I definitely think it is better to be informed than to turn a blind eye. 


This documentary will educate you and open your eyes to the power of marketing. We all like to think our milk and beef comes from happy cows grazing on green grass in a pasture next to a big red barn, but that is simply a marketing ploy. In order to keep up with the demand for cheap food fueled by the fast food industry, what was once family farming has turned into factory farming. Animals are being strategically fed hormone-filled, corn-based diets to speed up growth, being held in overcrowded, unsanitary places, and then sent to a factory for slaughter and processing. Farmers are not farming anymore; rather, they are housing animals for one of four massive companies who dominate the market. Butchers are not butchers, either—they are mechanics making sure the machinery is working properly in order to keep up the supply chain.


The issue is not just with meat, however; a chemical company, Monsanto, had created genetically modified seeds for growing corn and soybeans. They have patented the genetic makeup of the GMO seeds, and over time, they have strong-armed farmers into buying only their seeds. They have even gone as far as to sue farmers who were not using their seeds due to cross-pollination. 

Why Watch?:

Food, Inc. will open your eyes and show you the importance of paying more for quality, organic foods. You can’t sustainably make a hamburger for $1 and I think everyone should be suspicious of this in the first place. This documentary will show you how fast food supply has changed all of the food in our markets today. 

I know sometimes it can be hard to watch this type of documentary, simply because of the helpless feeling you get from watching. The positive takeaway is that we vote for healthier products every time we check out at the grocery store. Pay a little extra for the farm-direct meat from the farmers market or the organic, grass-fed beef from Whole Foods. It’s worth it in more ways than one. You are not only putting better food into your body, but you are also taking a stand against factory farming. 

This documentary is a must-watch in my book! To answer the question is food inc. worth watching? yes!


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