Simple and Creative Christmas Wrapping

I know, every year the holidays seem to come sooner and sooner, but with all the madness in the stores, I thought it would be worth sharing my simple and creative Christmas wrapping hacks.

Save yourself some time, money, and sanity this season!

Did you know that $3.2 billion–yes, billion–is spent on wrapping paper each year? Crazy, right? And I don’t know about you, but it seemed every time I would go to my wrapping box to wrap up a birthday present, there was only red plaid or snowflake-covered paper. I had quite the collection of holiday wrap and just about nothing for any other occasion. The more I started to think about it, the more I realized I was just buying into consumerism 100%. Why did I need holiday-specific wrapping paper, anyway?

Then, like I do for most things in life, I decided to take a practical approach. I went out and bought some brown craft paper, black and white polka dot paper, and my favorite, a wood grain paper. These were all very basic, but once I added a bow, they were perfect for Christmas, a birthday, or a baby shower.

Here are few of my tips on simple and creative Christmas wrapping:

Simple and Creative Christmas Wrapping Photo Gift Tags with Birch wrapping paper

  1. Use twine: I love twine–it has great texture, and even better, it can be bought at Home Depot in economy size and will last you forever. It’s great with almost any solid color or printed paper, or even just a plain craft box.
  2. Bakers twine:I love bakers twine to add a hit of color to my gifts. Of course, for the holidays, the red and white bakers twine is a classic. If you don’t want anything with color, you can also buy cooking twine at the supermarket, which is a natural cotton color. Using bakers twine like regular twine is a very eco-friendly way to tie up those gifts.

    Simple and Creative Christmas Wrapping From The Bear and The Blonde Berries and Bells on Presents

  3. Add some flair: I know you are probably thinking, craft boxes and twine, how boring! Well, this is the fun part: you can add some holiday flair using silver bells from the craft store, small sprigs of fake holly, ornaments, or my favorite, cut sprigs form the Christmas tree! If you are using live plants, be sure to add them to your gifts right before you give them. Otherwise, they will dry out and not look so hot. I like to go to the 99 cent store every holiday to see what sort of flair I can find. A small purchase of fake holiday flowers will go a long way.Simple and Creative Christmas Wrapping Photo Gift Tags with a Sprig of PineSimple and Creative Christmas Wrapping Photo Gift Tags with Buffalo Plaid Wrapping Paper
  4. Pictures as gift tags: I did this a few years ago and it was a huge hit! Basically, you find a photo of you and the person the gift is for, size it down, print it, and tie it on your gift instead of writing names on a tag. When I first did this, I printed the photos in black and white on my home printer using a heavier stock, off-white paper so it fit with the rustic look I wanted. I have now found this awesome site, Social Print Studio, which makes it easy to order photo prints on really nice, soft paper straight from your phone! I used them to print images for our wedding seating chart and as little “happies,” or gift bags, to welcome my guests. This year, I will be ordering my picture gift tags from them as well! Using pictures as gift tags is also a nice way to give a little more than your gift; both my parents still have the pictures I printed for their gifts a year ago on their bedside tables.mas Wrapping Bell and sprig of pine on a Christmas Present
  5. Craft is classic: To avoid extra work and extra costs, buy a few simple craft boxes. That way, you don’t even have to cover them in paper. I like to buy some craft bags too and use fun tissue paper to make them more festive!Simple and Creative Christmas Wrapping Bell and sprig of pine on a Christmas Present

I hope these tips on simple and creative Christmas wrapping will help simplify your season! After all, it’s about family, not spending your time drowning in ribbons and rolls of paper!

Looking for more Holiday inspiration? Check out this Pinterest board we have been working on for curated holiday tip!

Ideas on simple and creative Christmas wrapping Photo Gift Tags with buffalo plaid wrapping paper

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