The Bear and the Blonde

How do we come to pass in life? What makes us understand not only who we are as  people but who we are as a society? We question ourselves and judge ourselves next to every other person.

I as a human don’t even understand who  “I”  really means.

I. The key word in life. Are you comfortable in your own skin? Are you able to expand you mind, body, and soul into something new? Can you accept who you are?

They say that grizzly bears lay down paths that have been followed for centuries.  Cubs follow their parents through shrubs and marshes searching for places to eat, play, and grow. We here at the BEAR AND THE BLONDE  give you a map, a pathway into our lives, to consider the proverbial question, who am I. So I hope you can learn from these experience as much as we do. We welcome failed attempts, muddy feet and cold ears.

May we grow together.

Micah and Jordie

Jordis & Micah's first date
The day it all started, July 26th, 2013

Micah and I are both Southern California natives, born and raised in the sunny, beachy suburbs of Los Angeles. In true Los Angeles fashion, we met in 2013 going to a Dodgers game with some friends. The rest is history…. well, sort of! Since we met, our lives have been one big adventure. We both love the outdoors, great food, seeing the world, and exploring our creativity.

The more we thought about it, the more we realized we needed to journal and share our experiences. The Bear and Blonde is a true passion project of ours. We wanted to have an outlet to share our creativity, adventures, ideas, and thoughts. Our goal is to inspire others to try some new recipes, take some epic trips, and enjoy some adventures, all while understanding it’s all real life.

After doing some research on other blogs, we came to the conclusion that we need to keep The Bear and The Blonde real! We want to write about genuine experiences in life–less focused on the cool factor and more focused on the real factor. Life is not perfect, yet we are in the thick of the social media age where all you see is everyone‘s highlight real. We wanted to go against the grain here. Mind you, we are both positive people; however, if we have a terrible experience, we will be honest. If we try a recipe and it comes out nothing like the picture on Pinterest, we will tell you.

We truly thank you for following and hope to inspire you as well.

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